Sulelængen in Magtenbølle is a culture house / venue which is situated in one of the four wings of an old farm from about 1780 in the small village Magtenbølle 15 km West of Odense. Ingrid Henriksen and Jørgen Bjerring own the old farm, and they live in one of the four wings.

In the wing to the West you have the “Sulelænge”. A Sulelænge is an old construction, as old as from the Viking age, where you have some big beams (“suler”) in the middle of the room taking the pressure from the roof.

Cultural events in the Sulelænge. Now the Sulelænge which was originally used as a stable for pigs, sheep and hens is being used for Music & Brunch or for Music & Coffee- or Music and Dinner events. (Find dates for events in the menue: “ARRANGEMENTER” and “Kommende Arrangementer” (upcoming events). You’ll find dates of events and maybe also a bit of what is going on: “Brunch”, “Sunday matinees” (with coffee and cake), and events in the evening (mostly with a sandwich, tapas or something like that and a cold beer or a glass of wine 😊). And almost always with live music performances made by professional musicians.

We would like to welcome you, and we think you are going to enjoy the atmosphere in the old farm, even if the entertainment might be in Danish. Normally, we have really good entertainment here with professional musicians (and not seldomly with musicians from abroad (Scotland, Cuba, Canada)).

Who are “we”? We are an association/society: “Sulelængens Venner” (Friends of the Sulelænge) with 280 members (as per 1st of November 2023). The association was founded in 2014 after the Sulelænge had been nicely restored. Ingrid Henriksen and Jørgen Bjerring generously lend out the Sulelænge for activities decided upon and run by the board and other volunteers (Ingrid is chairman of the board).

People sign up for our events (e-mail: – so that we know how much to buy and arrange (tables and chairs etc.), and you can pay by cash (€ or DKK) at the entrance, or you can make a bank transfer. Any question will normally be responded to within 24 hours, or phone +45 2961 5859 (Jørgen Bjerring)

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